Milky Oat x Your Babylist Registry

Adding Milky Oat postpartum meal delivery to your Babylist registry is a thoughtful way to ensure you have nourishing meals during your postpartum period. Follow these simple steps to include this essential service in the cash funds section of your registry:

  1. Create or Log into Your Babylist Account: Visit Babylist and log in to your existing account or create a new one if you haven't already.

  2. Access Your Registry: Once logged in, go to your Babylist dashboard and select "My Registry" from the menu.

  3. Add a Cash Fund: In your registry, find and click on the “Add Items” button. Select the “Cash Funds” option from the menu. This section allows you to create a fund for various services, including meal delivery.

  4. Create a New Cash Fund: Click on “Create a Cash Fund.” Enter “Milky Oat Postpartum Meal Delivery” as the fund title. Write a brief description explaining why this service is important to you. For example: Help us nourish our family with Milky Oat's postpartum meal delivery service, offering healthy and delicious meals designed to support new parents during the postpartum period.

  5. Set Your Funding Goal: Determine the amount you would like to raise. Enter this amount as your funding goal. You can also specify if you want contributions in any amount or set a specific contribution value. Make Milky Oat your "Most Wanted" item by selecting this option. Click on "Choose How You'd Like To Receive Money" and select your preference.

  6. Save and Add to Your Registry: Once you’ve filled in the details, click “Save” to add the Milky Oat postpartum meal delivery cash fund to your registry.

  7. Share Your Registry: Share your Babylist registry with friends and family. They can now contribute to your Milky Oat meal delivery fund, ensuring you receive the nourishing meals you need after your baby arrives.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly include Milky Oat postpartum meal delivery in your Babylist registry, allowing your loved ones to support you in a meaningful way. Happy registering!