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Your Postpartum Meal Plan

Your Postpartum Meal Plan

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Meal Plan Length:

You can always seamlessly add more weeks to your plan at any point.
The 6 week plan is our best value!


Partner Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Best gift for postpartum

This was by far the best gift I gave myself for that first month after birth. The meals are freakin delicious and so good for your healing and nutrition. My skin looked healthier, I had great energy levels throughout the day even with so little sleep, my recovery went faster. Every meal is well planned just like a private chef. The price is worth it

A must have for your PP recovery

Getting Milky Oat was the best decision I made for my PP recovery. From the menu, packaging to the quality of ingredients, everything is top notch.
The warm and nourishing foods definitely helped me with my PP recovery. I’m so grateful for this service and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for healthy and nourishing PP meals.

Tin Kadoic
Global Flavors at Home: A Lifesaver for New Parents

Eight months into parenthood, our weekly meal box remains a highlight. It feels as though a private chef delivers the world to our table, with their signature dishes from diverse cultures – Balkan kitchari, Asian congee, Italian risotto – each crafted with intentionally nutritious, postpartum-friendly ingredients. It's heartening to know that through breastfeeding, our baby gets a taste of global flavors.

Each meal is thoughtfully presented in small glass jars, offering immediate strength, stable blood sugar, and enabling much-needed rest. These are more than meals; they ensure I'm fully present with my baby, nourished and energized. The smartly portioned meals cater to our daily needs - a soup or signature latte for an energy boost at night or early evening; snacks for a quick energy lift while holding the baby.

The creativity, care, and cultural richness in each dish turn every delivery into a blissful moment and a welcomed comfort in our busy postpartum life.

Postpartum MUST HAVE!

Milky Oat's meals were essential for my transition after birth. Every meal was amazing and nourishing. highly recommend!

Amazingly thoughtful PP gift

We were gifted Milky Oat by some friends and were absolutely blown away by the menu and food quality. Saying this is restaurant quality wouldn't suffice - I feel like a private chef delivered healthy, nourishing meals that will support my postpartum journey through recovery and will fuel me for being the best version of myself possible for our new little one. So, so thankful for Milky Oat!


Can I add Milky Oat to my baby registry?

Yes! Little Honey Money is a mother & baby registry geared towards wellness & service support. Babylist also lets you add products from any website to your baby registry. You can simply add Milky Oat to your list and collect funds to purchase a meal plan that works best for you.

Do you offer discounts?

We have thoughtfully priced our offering, taking into consideration the cost of sourcing and preparing the highest quality ingredients that also support local farms and regenerative agriculture. By not offering discounts, we can maintain our commitment to providing fair wages and benefits to our dedicated team of employees who play a crucial role in creating and delivering your meals. This enables us to maintain the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and service that the mothers in our lives expect and deserve.

Why do you suggest a 6-week plan?

To maximize your recovery and rest during the first 42 days, the six week plan is optimal. Learn more on our Menu page.

Can you accommodate allergies?

Please let us know your specific allergens prior to placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate. All of our menu items are always gluten-free, peanut free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.

Can I add on meals for my partner? How about other family members?

When you customize your postpartum meal plan, you have the option to add your partner who will receive all regular meals alongside you (breakfast, lunch, & dinner). 

Can I freeze meals?

For optimal freshness and pleasure, we do not recommend freezing the meals. If you do decide to freeze any of our meals, they will need to be transferred to your own containers so our glass containers can be picked-up, sanitized, and reused for future drop offs. 

Can I continue past six weeks?

The postpartum season can last much longer than 6 weeks. Many Milky Oat mamas continue well past 6 weeks. It is entirely up to you and why we make this experience so customizable.

If I’m pregnant (or my partner/friend is pregnant) when should I schedule the first delivery?

You can try us out with our 2-day trial during pregnancy if you are uncertain and schedule your delivery anytime. Simply select the box next to “currently pregnant” when adding it to your cart so our team can substitute any teas, lattes, or ingredients to make them optimal and safe for pregnancy! When purchasing your customized meal plan for postpartum, you will simply add your estimated due date and our team will be in touch 48 hours in advance. 

Does warm food mean warm in temperature or foods that provide internal heat?

Both! Milky Oat foods are meant to be eaten warm to stoke the internal fire of digestion, promote circulation, and overall well-being.

I have another question that hasn't been answered here.

Feel free to email us at or drop your question in the customer service chat box and we will get back to you within one business day.

"This is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. I would recommend this for any new mother out there!"

-Angie A