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Our postpartum meal delivery supports optimal recovery after birth by supplying new mothers with all the nutrients they need to thrive.

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Postpartum Meal Plan

Choose your desired number of days and weeks. Add your partner to join you for breakfasts, lunches, & dinners. Select nourishing add-ons for your postpartum pantry. Tailor your level of support to meet your unique needs.

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100% Organic Ingredients

All ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced so that you can rest easy that you’re receiving the highest quality postpartum product on the market. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, & Peanut-Free. All of the water we use in cooking and brewing is triple filtered using a Berkey® system.


Designed for Postpartum

Our menu includes protein rich meals, collagen boosting broths, hormone balancing drinks, and breastfeeding snacks designed to support digestion, lactation, mood, and optimal recovery after birth. We utilize traditional cooking methods such as slow-cooking, soaking, sprouting, and toasting whole spices. We cook only with cast iron and stainless steel to support the postpartum body and your developing baby.


Delivered to Your Home

We deliver three times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to guarantee freshness. Never frozen, and prepared each delivery day, our meals are packaged in reusable glassware and kept cool in a 100% biodegradable insulated liner and box with our drain-safe cold packs. No prep or cooking necessary. Simply follow the reheat instructions and enjoy (in bed if possible).

6 Week Postpartum Journey

Week 1:


Land softly in your cocoon with the support of our provided nourishment during the biggest change in hormones you’ll ever experience. This week we include nutrients that restore the gut, tissues, and hormones. You’ll find mineral-rich easy to digest foods, adaptogenic herbs, and nutrient dense combinations on the menu. Trust the body, trust the process, and allow yourself permission to lean into rest.

Week 2:


While you discover and tend to the new and ever-changing rhythms of your baby, we remind you to leave some room for your own self-care. Our focus for this week’s menu is on continuing to balance your milk supply while including all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to support your baby’s developing brain.

Week 3:


We slow-cook the majority of the menu so that your foods can be readily enjoyed, absorbed, and digested. When we take on a slower pace we might just be able to mimic the slow-cook: enjoy our experience, absorb these early days, and digest the emotional landscape that is postpartum.

Week 4:


Stay slow as you continue navigating new dynamics. Enjoy the calming herbs on this week's menu alongside doses of magnesium-rich foods to help you unwind before bed, drop into sleep and enjoy that midday nap.

Week 5:


Let postpartum be your invitation to surrender, accept, request and receive care from the people in your life. This week we bolster the menu with healthy fats and dense nutrients to continue replenishing your stores. Remember as you continue mothering to let yourself be mothered as well.

Week 6:


In the final week of this six-week season, honor your commitment to slowness, self-care, and restoration. Find reverence for the whirlwind of it all as you prepare to gently transition into the next phase of motherhood. Savor the engaging flavors and more complex meals; stay soft and let yourself have this last week in the cocoon. It might feel really nice to journal about your experience so that you can always have that reflection as life picks up.

Your Testimonials

"Milky Oat was the exact thing I needed postpartum!"

I want to say how much I LOVE Milky Oat! The presentation, the detailed menu, the flavors, & recipes are all incredible. I've tried other meal plans, & nothing comes close.

Jessica G.

"I genuinely believe this food is acting as medicine to help heal my recovering body."

Milky Oat saved me after an emergency room visit for myself & an infant in the NICU. My little man came home this week, so great to have that much extra meal support while sleep deprived, it's worth it!

Lisa M.

What an amazing service!

I can’t rave about Milky Oat enough. I did the six week plan following the birth of my third baby and I truly feel like the nutrients I received from your foods and drinks contributed to this being my most easeful, healthy postpartum experience yet. The variety and tastiness of the dishes surpassed all my expectations, and your team was so easy to work with when I needed to temporarily postpone and then resume deliveries due to travel. My baby and I truly thank you!


"I def need some more of those chocolate chip cookies! Seriously better than any I've ever had."

Thank you so much for my Milky Oat experience. Everything was AMAZING!!! Seriously so good, nourishing and comforting. Took a lot of work & thought off my plate & it felt terrific.

Julia V.

2 Day Trial became 6 Week Commitment

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical (would something like this really be worth it?) but upon arrival, I realized Milky Oat was special. Most importantly, the meals, snacktations, and sipping beverages were delicious. Each item was well seasoned, flavorful, and nourishing. Secondly, the packaging was thoughtful, simple, and beautiful. The act of opening the food and drinks felt like a ritual and reverence (to myself) in and of itself.


"This is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. I would recommend this for any new mother out there!"

"My son’s birth was a stressful & unplanned c-section. It was such a huge relief to know that my nutrition would be covered for the next several weeks. The meals, snacks, and drinks were amazingly delicious and nourishing. I felt cared for at a time when I needed it most.

Angie A.

"My baby runs on Milky Oat!!"

Everything's been amazing! We've tried a bunch of different meal delivery services & you guys are by far the best! Blown away by the food & customer service. Thank you so much!

Majo M.

"The food is amazing!"

I did this for 3 weeks and believe it played a huge part in my quick recovery. Everything was so nourishing and delicious and I loved all the fun snacks and sips provided everyday. Also love that it’s sustainable! Can’t recommend this enough <3

Amanda Y.

"We’re loving Milky Oat!"

We tried it for one week then extended for 6 weeks so my husband and I could get nutritional support pre and post baby. It’s been worth it! We are both feeling fueled and fantastic and NOT gaining weight like we did with other meal delivery. It’s nice to know when baby 2 finally arrives, meals are already covered and we’ll be supported and satisfied!

Danielle G.

"The support you offer has been life-changing at this time."

We never knew how much we would need this type of assistance during our early days in postpartum.

Pedro G.

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Sydney Bliss


Our namesake comes from the flowering top of the grain we all know and love, the oat.

Cyclically releasing a white sap often celebrated for its replenishing effects on an exhausted nervous system, the milky oat is an open-mouthed-exhalation in herb form. It’s the perfect humble warrior for the postpartum period.