House of Nourishment Podcast w/ Sydney Bliss

Are you currently a mother & wondering what you could do to best support your postpartum self?

Are you currently pregnant & interested to know who to have on your birth team & how to choose?

Are you not yet a mother but curious to learn how to prepare for this Chapter of your life?

Join me in a conversation with Sydney Bliss, Postpartum Doula and Creator of Milky Oat, a postpartum meal delivery service in California, as we explore these topics & so much more! We dive into:

- what a doula is & the different types of doulas
- movement modalities that may be supportive to women, pregnant women & postpartum women
- "the 4th trimester" and it's significance
- how to support ourselves & nourish ourselves post-birth
- what foods & herbs can be supportive for us after the gift of nutrients we impart to our children that takes place through birth

If you are in the bay area of California, you can order Milky Oat's nourishing postpartum meal delivery for yourself or a loved one! They will soon be offering to the Los Angeles area as well.

Listen here.