Running a Business + Raising a Family w/ Marta Bahillo of Babaa

Founder of babaà, designer, & mother of four.
Marta Bahillo is the founder and creative director of babaà and mother of four residing in Madrid, Spain. 

How did becoming a mother coincide with creating, cultivating, and maintaining babaà?

I started babaà when my eldest was a year and a half. I wanted to have a job I loved that allowed me to look after her and also sustain my family. That requires a particular energy that ten years later and four kids later still keeps going. I think it is a beautiful energy that is a perfect match for running a business and raising a family. I love it.

Describe your dream day with your family and tending to your own personal passions?

Breakfast with kids and my husband Sam while the baby still sleeps. Kisses and goodbyes quietly (don't wake baby up!) so I get one hour when they go to school and before the baby wakes up for tea and… my book! I love that. By 8.30 coffee and work starts and then at 3pm we all have lunch together at home. So important to me to break the day like that. Perhaps squeeze in a 15 minute siesta. Dream! Early evenings are for kids activities and park time for baby or errands or all of that while on a work phone call, depending on the day. Cooking for dinner time is another great moment. Stories. Bed time. My husband, my book.

How did you take care of yourself in postpartum?

I went straight into all I love, which is my family, my work, my good meals. Same life but SLOW. I definitely spent lots of quiet time at home in baby bliss. I had one hospital and three home births and I remember postpartum with such joy. What a gift in life.

What is a lesson you have learned from your business?

Always empathy.

What is a lesson you have learned from becoming a mother?

Life is precious.

What is your favorite meal in your home right now?

Wild sea bass baked with lemon and bay leaves and then lots of greens and potatoes (with butter), a great Spanish / Irish combination.

Describe your relationship with mother earth.

Bare Feet on the earth, every day, at least in my mind. Humble. Every weekend I need a mountain walk, we all do.


Photographer: Nastassia Bruckin 

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