Mood Board for Motherhood w/ Taylor Kitto

Taylor Kitto is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Mother.

I’d love for you to share about your motherhood journey and specifically your postpartum season. How did you spend the early days/weeks/months? 

I spent those first two months in a cozy cocoon with my husband and new baby. We spent a lot of time on the couch and in bed getting to know our new little guy. It is such a special time. We took it slow, watched funny movies, slept whenever we could, and just enjoyed time together.

Can you share with us how you utilize and trust your own intuition as a mother?

Listening to your own intuition is EVERYTHING. You learn that as soon as you become pregnant. Something inside of you just clicks and you know what is best for your body and baby. It definitely is a lesson in trust, leaning into the fact that everything is new and leaning into your own intuitive wisdom.

Food seems very foundational to you and your lifestyle. At Milky Oat, we can definitely relate. I am specifically interested in your experience with wild foraging plants. How did you get interested in foraging? What are your top plants to forage?

I love foraging for nettle as it’s such a restorative and gentle plant loaded with minerals. It is also an easy one to identify (just wear gloves).

What was your favorite go-to meal and/or snack in early postpartum? Did your cravings change once your babe arrived?

To be honest, I was incredibly nauseated for the first few months after giving birth. Food did not really appeal to me the way I thought it would. I say this because it’s something that isn’t discussed more in the postpartum community and I was taken by surprise when it happened. With that said, I relied heavily on homemade date energy balls (especially in those early days breastfeeding when you need so many calories), smoothies (just try not to make them with ice or anything too cold), scrambled eggs, and bone broth. Anything that is quick, nourishing, and full of protein and fat is a go-to.

I always reiterate that in sharing Milky Oat my mission is to nourish motherhood and that this extends beyond postpartum meal delivery and ripples out into the natural world and our ultimate feminine form, Mother Earth. When it comes to food and nutrition, can you speak to us about your relationship with nature?

Nature informs everything I do. We are connected to mother earth in all ways, whether we realize it or not. Bringing new life into this world only solidifies just how connected we all are. The tides, the moon, the mountains, and soil remind us of the power and force of the feminine.

On your perfect vision-board of the world, what does the postpartum experience look like for modern mothers?

Women who take care of each other. Elders who respect the process and welcome the mother to her new life. Community care. Accessible breastfeeding knowledge. Maternal health support without judgment. Less pressure on the parents to welcome visitors to their home or for the mother to carry on as if her whole world hasn’t changed.

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