Modern Motherhood: A Rebellion w/ Erica Rachel Galia

Erica Galia is a mother, meditation & circle facilitator, and peaceful birth advocate.

Where do you find peace in nature?

It's been nearly two years since our move to Austin, and in this time, my relationship with nature has deepened, particularly since becoming a mother. Connecting with nature has gained more significance in my life. My inner calm, my authentic self – these find their most vivid reflection in the embrace of nature.

Mornings often see me feeding our chickens with my daughter by my side, a simple yet soothing ritual. Witnessing these creatures roam freely is remarkably therapeutic. As the evening sets in, I frequently make my way to Barton Springs, allowing the waters to cleanse my energy from the day. This communion with nature has become my anchor, supporting me through the beautiful chaos of motherhood and life.

What were the breadcrumbs that led you to your career?

Lately, I've been deeply contemplating this matter. The consistent markers in my journey have revolved around curiosity, self-discovery, and trust. I've learned not to hold life too tightly, but rather to follow what brings me joy. Just when I feel like I've pinpointed my path, life graciously reminds me of its unpredictability. Embracing change and impermanence has allowed me to weave a thread from my past self to who I am now, shaping my current existence.

My roles as a mother, a head of partnerships, a meditation facilitator, and a peaceful birth advocate have shifted my perspective to view life and career as a grand, beautiful experiment. I'm alchemizing my experiences, gifts, talents, and strengths to draw closer to my highest, heart self. This allows me to fully flow with life and to devote myself to my daughter, husband, family, and all living beings. Moreover, it encourages me to be love, embody love, and radiate love in all that I do.

What is your own experience with motherhood?

While motherhood has felt deeply familiar, it also has prompted me to get comfortable with living in the unknown, which does not mean I am lost, it means I trust in the spirit of my heart, my intuitive wisdom, that I have the courage to take myself on a journey far beyond what I have known. There is so much freedom in that.

Motherhood has profoundly shifted my world, in the most exquisite way. Meeting this evolved version of myself feels like a lifelong metamorphosis. Since becoming a mother, each day draws its essence from the depths of my heart – a heart that now extends beyond me, as a significant part resides outside. This heart-centered existence has revealed that with it arrives abundance: more laughter, more tears, more elation, more apprehensions, more concerns, more magic, more wonders.

Motherhood has blessed me with an undeniable tenderness, a lens through which life's vibrancy is magnified, and every thing is felt more deeply. It's a gift that perpetually enriches my connection with existence. ♡

What is on your vision board for modern motherhood?

When I think of modern motherhood, I think of rebellion; being so humbly rooted in the heart that mothers no longer at will to the gusts of separation, dis-ease.

Modern motherhood is releasing any poison to the peace of one’s family, to defy by turning inwards, by seeking answers within, by listening to the innate wisdom, by warmly embracing life, by keeping the vast heart open, by freely giving love, receiving love, being pure love.

Modern motherhood is soft, slow, intentional, soaking up the gifts of the present, the magic in the mundane. It is everything that our world currently is not, but is on its way. It is a divine, rebellious revolution.

What is a go to meal you’ve been nourishing yourself with lately?

At this moment, my go-to nourishing meal consists of two fried eggs accompanied by a spoonful of grass-fed butter on sourdough toast, slices of avocado adorned with a drizzle of olive oil and side of sliced peaches.

What are you currently working on or focusing on in life and career?

When considering the roots of the word "career," which comes from the concept of ‘running, often at full speed, much like the course of the sun across the sky’, it resonates deeply with me. Currently, I find myself embracing this definition with a smile, as I am dedicated to running wholeheartedly towards life itself.

I am prioritizing what can be seen as my career - not in a conventional professional sense, but in the roles that truly define me. My career encompasses being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor, a human being...these multifaceted roles are where I pour my energy and passion, creating a fulfilling journey that feels as significant as the sun making its way across the sky :)

If you had to name this season of your life what would it be called?

For me, it's the Season of Release. It's about releasing my tight grasp on life so that it can synchronize harmoniously with me, rather than resisting. The more I embrace this process, the clearer the overall picture becomes. As I allow myself to unfold and evolve as a mother, as a partner, as a human being, I'm granted a clearer vision of how the world is harmoniously orchestrating a symphony of moments to nurture my deepest, most connected heart.




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