The Menstrual Cycle Litmus Test w/ Gaby Azorsky

Healer, Reiki Master, & Meditation Practitioner.

Sessions with Gaby are acts of love. They are deeply nurturing, grounding, sparkly, connected to Mother Earth, and steeped in sweet, loving awareness. Her loves of meditation and Reiki, alongside working in fashion and beauty for many years, have been the foundation of her practice. She hopes to one day have a beautiful, full healing practice, a farm with her family, little ones running around, and lots of dinners outside with homegrown food and twinkly lights.

You recently shared an image on your instagram of the books you’re reading this season and I couldn’t help but notice a couple were on pregnancy and birth! What is your relationship with the childbearing year? Are you planning to bring little ones into the world in the future?

Heheh yes! You caught me ;) Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with learning about pregnancy and motherhood. I haven’t started the childbearing year, yet, but as I am currently an apprentice in an herbalism program rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing…I wanted to pick it up. I absolutely am planning to bring little ones into the world in the future…being a mother is a great hope and desire of mine in this life. The Universe will decide when it’s time :)

How are you preparing?

I’m almost 28, which feels so young in the grand scheme of where I am and who I look up to. In the last few years, I stopped taking the pill and started practicing the fertility awareness method and cycle syncing -- which has given me loving space to form a relationship with my cycle that is supportive and self-honoring. Other ways I’m preparing ~ enjoying my life with deep gratitude for where I am now! Living alone in my sweet studio apartment, feeling vibrant, doing fun things with my friends and boyfriend, spending time in nature. I did have visions of a little girl wanting to come through last December, and I kindly said to her, “I love you, not yet cutie!!”

Can you share a story of how you saw a reiki session or sessions transform a client?

Oh what a beautiful question. In almost every session, there is transformation from beginning to end. When a client walks into my healing space, they are often wound up from the outside world. And during a Reiki session, our nervous systems shift from fight or flight into rest and restore, and energy that we’re done with is cleared from the body. It is so gentle yet so profound. You see the light sparkling in their eyes when they come back to the outer world after a session <3 A particular client coming to mind, was struggling with grief of the loss of a child. In our session, her womb space was grey ~ like grief, and after flooding her with Reiki and unconditional love, there was a lightness to her, the grief felt less suffocating. Beautiful <3

What are your morning and evening rituals at the moment?

Mmm I love rituals :) At the moment, my morning looks like ~ waking up around 7/7:30am, preparing my herbal infusion from the night before (Nettles or Oatstraw lately), and sitting at my meditation altar. I love to practice Metta, lovingkindness, self-Reiki, sit in silence, sing and chant or pray. It is a practice I deeply cherish. In the evenings, I like to reflect a little bit, watch tv or read, and often will take a bath. I love to transform my space in the evening by lighting candles and turning lamps on, letting the space feel sensual and cozy.

How do you lean into rest?

Through my breath, I try to remove the sense of urgency that can pop up throughout the day. I let myself sleep if I’m tired, I cancel plans that feel draining, I make “active rest” a priority.

What is your relationship with the menstrual cycle?

I feel really grateful for my menstrual cycle. I use my cycle as a litmus test of the month, am I breaking out? Am I more anxious or emotional before I begin to bleed? Where can I make tiny edits for next month that my body is craving? I am very open with the people around me about where I am in my cycle, too. This week a few friends texted me to get together, and I said, “That sounds soo lovely! I’ve just started bleeding and I’m not sure what my social capacity looks like this week…can I check in with you later in the week?” I like that this makes space for Grace for everyone.

What is your favorite nourishing meal to make most recently?

Mmmm honestly, I really love how often my boyfriend cooks for me! It is one of the ways he shows his love which I’m so grateful for. He makes this one rosemary + ghee chicken recipe that we both love, with yummy rice and salad.

How do you exercise trust?

Through little actions everyday.


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