Spirit Babies w/ Sarah Soleil

Spirit Baby Intuitive, Holistic Pregnancy Guide, Founder of Doula Thrive, & Mother.

What is Spirit Baby Communication?

It is the art & practice of communicating with your unborn child/children. It’s a journey of remembrance that teaches us how to navigate beyond the limitations of our five senses; thus inviting us deeper into the mystery & embrace of our true nature.

How did you first start on your path to Spirit Baby Communication?

The beginning of the end came as I birthed my son at the age of 20, which included accessing a life-changing transcendent state of consciousness. 11 years later after 1) deeply integrating this, 2) attending hundreds of births, and 3) experiencing dozens of spontaneous initiations, synchronistic meetings, personal awakenings, & having the most profound lucid dreams, etc. I began to teach in-person workshops and offer 1:1 readings. I knew this was my path for over a decade, but initially, I resisted it. This body of work is the quest of my life.

How do you describe what you call Conscious Childbearing?

Conscious childbearing is the opportunity to connect with the Highest Vibrational Pathway available to you and your Spirit Baby. It truly does not have anything to do with lighting the candles and aligning with the "right" astrology. Conscious childbearing is one of the deepest invitations for healing there is.

What are your tips for modern women integrating the fears they have around childbirth?

Pain seeks to guide us toward pleasure. Stay soft. We often fear childbirth because we have forgotten how to cherish what is sacred. It's safe to come undone. It's safe to let go of what we think we know, other people's stories, and the memories that pervade our awareness of what is "real". You are more powerful than you've been told. You are more powerful than you can often remember.

On your vision board for modern motherhood, what does preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum look and function like?

A ceremony. Inclusive of intentional initiations, rites, rituals, and healing sessions that support individuals and families to grieve, forgive, open, surrender, heal, and nourish their bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits as they pray their ancient future ancestors into form.





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