Giving Conscious Conception a Rebrand

Conscious Conception can have a myriad of definitions, but I'd like to right here right now define it as the whole-hearted desire to create a baby by walking the path of self-discovery, self-nurture, and self-expression while preparing to conceive a child -- to be totally in awe of the decision to create life. I want to rebrand CC because it deserves some nuance. As humans we love control. It makes us feel safe and secure and like we aren't actually spinning on a planet in the middle of an incomprehensible universe. The truth is that I believe nature is the most intelligent of us all and we just so happen to be a part of that big beautiful interconnected mystery. We all have different paths in this life and maybe, just maybe, it's all kind of conscious.

Let's rebrand. I believe that our menstrual cycle is our fifth vital sign and there's some research on this from varying groups. I believe that whether or not we ever want to become pregnant, having a regular ovulation and cycle is important to our present and future wellbeing. There's actually new research on this as well. I also believe that proper and thoughtful nourishment is important for every woman at every stage because of this. Paying attention to, befriending, and honoring our cycle is so profoundly life-changing. 10/10 recommend. 

If we think of conscious conception as preparing the mind, body, and spirit for conceiving, we could look at things like nutrient dense foods, resonant movement practices, and therapeutic modalities that support our own detangling of subconscious beliefs we picked up in childhood. I'd argue this is imperative for every human on this planet and understand the privileges that come with this assessment, but if I'm making a vision board for humanity those things are on it. 

When it comes to conscious conception we may sneakily swap consciousness out for perfection. We may think we have to do everything just so or else we aren't good enough to conceive. We may think our body has to be perfect -- whatever that may mean. We may think we need to be fully "whole" before conceiving. Spoiler alert, you cannot be perfect or whole AND you already are both. You came here to be who you are becoming. The conception of a child is not something we can force, it is something we can flow with. 

The idea of "trying to eliminate stress" can induce more. The tracking of all the "perfect" foods you eat can be stressful too. The over analyzation of every single release of cervical fluid can put us into a distorted state. We can't be blamed. We live in a patriarchal society set up for masculine "success". We can however, detangle and forge a new path for our conception journey that relies more heavily on feminine energies like creativity and play. 

I think being conscious is simply awakening to our own inner wisdom. It is also a surrendering which is often the path of the unplanned yet wanted pregnancy. We can apply intention at any stage in the journey. Intention is different from control. We might have this specific date in mind and a myriad of reasons why it is the perfect timing, but it doesn't always work like that. Sometimes the control is what blocks us from flow. Conception is fluid. 

How To Release Control: 

- Focus on your JOY. Whatever that means to you, invite more of it into your life. This looks like spacious free time in nature for me. It looks like beach time and swims with my husband. It looks like spaciousness. 

- Listen to your INTUITION. Strengthen this inner wisdom with practices like journaling, meditation, and breath exercises. 

- Consume ADAPTOGENS. Let's adapt! Stress can really be a disruptor to the whole flow of the body. Include adaptogenic herbs like reishi, ashwagandha, and shatavari in your beverages. 

- Invite more PLAY. When do you play? What does that look like? If your answer is never, then investigate ways you can be more playful in your life. For me this looks like dance in my living room! 

- Get CREATIVE for the sake of creativity alone. You do not have to be the next Frida Kahlo, but I do urge you to find something to get creative with. Conception is the ultimate creative act. Engaging with creativity in the everyday can open the doors to more creativity.

- Embrace your SENSUALITY. This is about you feeling yourself! Wear your favorite dress or shirt, rub the jasmine on your wrists, drink a hot cocoa, dance in the kitchen, smile and make eye contact with the people you come in contact with, put yourself out there. 

How To Positively Engage w/ Conscious Conception:

- Eat nourishing meals. Focus on a food first approach to nourishment. Supplements can be nice safety precautions, but there is truly nothing like the real deal. I recommend daily herbal infusions with nettle or oat straw (also great for libido), a good probiotic and wild ferments, 3 eggs a day (this is a personal favorite way to ensure I'm getting my choline and other essential nutrients), daily intake of seeds, greens, bone broth, furikake (hello iodine), adaptogens, local seasonal fruit, 2 brazil nuts (for selenium), and sunshine (for vitamin D). I recommend getting enough protein at every meal and snack. I also include the addition of mussels, oysters, clams, roe, fish, lean beef, chicken, mackerel, sardines, and chicken liver as they are some of the most nutrient dense foods available. This is more of an art than a science, find what feels good to you.

- Move in aligned ways. I love my movement practices and recommend everyone on their conscious conception journey to engage with movement daily. Aligned movement means something different for everyone. For me it is daily kundalini yoga, pilates, and a long walk. I add in weekly dance, hiking, and ocean dips. I'm not a runner, it just isn't the way my body likes to move. I don't like the gym. I don't do HIT practices. I honor my body with practices that feel good and that I wake up excited to get into. 

- Read books about the feminine. I love reading about female anatomy, awakening the feminine energy within, books on birth, postpartum, and tantric sex. Find what you like to engage with and spend some time with those pages. 

- Journal about your feelings. This is simple but potent. I love this practice for just getting my ever-present big ideas down on paper, as well as exploring my feelings related to my cycle, my body, my relationship, and my current philosophies. 

- Sing, Chant, Hum. The throat is a portal to the pelvic bowl. Try some singing or chanting if that's your thing. You could also simply hum in meditation. 

- Get to a body of water. Look up at the moon at night. Connect to nature. It heals, opens, and aligns. 

- Spend time with moms and babies. Simple. Women need women. 

- Be a witness to your cycle. The seasons/phases of your menstrual cycle are important and deserve awareness. This cycle is what creates the optimal grounds for conceiving!

- Your partner should also be engaging with aligned practices, nutrition, therapy, etc. You are not alone in this. 

In health,