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Milky Oat x Farmacopia LACTATE Tincture

Milky Oat x Farmacopia LACTATE Tincture

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Organic & Wildcrafted Tincture to Support Postpartum

Nourishing Herbs to Promote Healthy Milk Flow

Gentle yet effective lactation support for any step of your unique breastfeeding journey. This blend boasts “galactogogues” – herbs that can help increase the production of breastmilk – and “nervines” – herbs that can help nourish and support the nervous system. When the nervous system is fortified we have healthy responses to the stress that comes with new motherhood which in turn may allow for easy milk flow.

Organic Proprietary Extract Blend:

Fenugreek seed, Fennel seed, Blue Vervain, Goat's Rue, Milky Oat, Blessed Thistle. Other ingredients: organic cane alcohol, vegetable glycerine, filtered water


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